Who am I ????????
Yuancheng Zhang glasses



Miss Peacock 孔雀小姐

An interactive visual novel made by Otter Club game studio.



Swipe, Play & Create with Al. Start your every unique adventure.


GenWorld - AI Hachathon

A simulation game of GenWorld. all the characters are AI. This game is made for the AI Hackathon of ZhenFund.

GenWorld - AI Hachathon

RPG404 - Nokia 3310

A Nokia 3310 version of RPG404, made for the NOKIA 3310 JAM 5. The theme of the JAM is FAST & SLOW. Play on



A tiny NFT game of Rug Pull Games. Mint and play on, or see on Opensea.


Warpath 战火勋章

A 3D real-time strategy mobile game developed by Unity in Lilith Games

Corner Garden 转角花园

A 2D florist simulation game on WeChat Mini Game Platform, developed by Egret Engine 2D in Lilith Games
Corner Garden

Proj: Vita V

This is a amazing 2D turn-based card game by Hidden Moss Game Studio.
(in developing....)
Proj: Vita V

Super Zombie Runner

This is 2D platformer jumping game.
Press any button to avoid obstacles or zombies.


AR Box Maze

An augmented reality box maze game base on Vuforia and Unity 3D.

AR Box Maze

Box Shooter

This is a 3D FPS game demo.
Green: Good Target
Yellow: Bad Target
White: Time Bonus
Red: Dead Shot

Move: WASD
Shot: Space, Mouse LeftClick
Exit: ESC

Roller Madness

This is a 3D game demo, just collect coins and get rich. Be care of some bad things.

Move: WASD, Arrow Keys
Exit: ESC


Two-play 2D asteroids game based on Microsoft XNA. Design and implemented networking battle.
René Magritte René Magritte

Reno Magritte was a famous Belgian surrealist artist. He was a genius. He is my favorite artist. I am a pixel art lover. When I thinking how to make an animation, his works always gave me a lot of inspiration. So, to pay respects to him, I copy some of his works transformed into my 8-bit art.

René Magritte

Some Tasty Pizza

I was a vegetarian for one and half year, but for some reasons, I quited in 2017.

I love taco! All kinds of tacos, including tacocat :)

I like woodworking in my spare time. I learned making funitures in CSW. I love my instructors Shaun and Mark. It is great workshop in Chicago, like a big family.

I hate fishing. Fishing is dehumanized.